Collingwood Century of Classics
August 18th, 2018

  On behalf of the Collingwood Century of Classics, I would like to thank all who attended; from owners of  all the stunning car and bike entry’s to the all the people who attended the show all day.

A special thanks to all the shops and restaurants for showing why Collingwood is a great place to be.

A special – special thanks to John and Judy at Collingwood Web Design for their tireless creative development in the promotion of this show. Also to John Haines for his brilliant map of the show.

The band Lighthouse gave an electric performance at the Eddie Bush and was well attended thanks to Creative Gal Productions.

I am looking for all comments and suggestions from participants and shows goers alike for a better show next year.

Send them to
Thanks everybody!

As a show topping feature, we presented the iconic rock band Lighthouse appearing at the Eddy Bush Arena.

A great day of fun – Geared for everyone!


Collingwood's Century of Classics
August 18th, 2018

Contact Address:
30, 7th Street
Collingwood, Ontario
Canada L9Y 2A7

Phone: 705-416-0120 

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